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GEM-Spring Festival of 2022 holiday notice2022-01-26
Dear customers, The Spring Festival is coming, Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. wish you a happy New Year! In order to better implement our services, the holiday time of the 2022 Spring Festival is announced as
GEM-National Day of 2021 holiday notice2021-09-30
Dear customers, National Day is coming, Shenzhen Jinghongda Photoelectric Engineering Technology Co., LTD. I wish you a happy National Day! In order to better implement our services, the National Day holiday time of 2021 is announced as foll
GEM-Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice in 20212021-09-18
Dear customers, Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Shenzhen Jinghongda Optoelectronic Engineering Technology Co., LTD. Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy family! In order to better implement our services, the holiday time of 2021 M
Enterprise News2021-09-06
A new road, a new journey, let's speed up the voyage together New road, new journey, thanks for your company On August 26, 2021, Shenzhen GEM Technology Co., Ltd. moved to the new site of Shenzhen Dalang, which has unlimited development pote
GEM - Spring Festival holiday notice in 20212021-04-08
Dear customers and partners: First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to customers and partners for their support and cooperation with GEM Jinghongda Optoelectronics in 2020. In the past year, with your support and attention, we have b
GEM-Completed succeed of audio and video integrated system2021-04-08
Intelligent audio and video integrated system realizes the seamless connection of sound, light and color systems, including sound reinforcement system,stage lightingsystem and video display system. The system structure adopted is advancedbecause ofit’supp
Notice Of GEM 2020 New Year Vacation2021-04-08
Dear customers and partners: Another new year is coming! Farewell to 2019, we ushered in 2020 full of hope, opportunities and challenges! In this regard, Shenzhen GEM Special thanks to our suppliers and customers for their support in the past year a
Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd GM4-8 TRANSPARENT SCREEN IN JIAZHAOYE PLAZA IN HUIZHOU CITY2021-04-08
The gm4-8 transparent screen independently developed byShenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltdand the LED chip lamp with graphene technology which has more stable and reliable, quality and safety performance. And also the Led transparent screen
Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd-Declaraction2021-04-08
Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd(The following is called GEM) have no any authorization for anyone or organization the exclusive agreement on the global basis, Please don't trust anyone or organization to have the exclusive productio
Big announcement!!! Liaoyang county leaders went to our company to investigate the intelligent terminals transparent display items2021-04-08
The official website of Liaoyang county goverment:http://liaoyangxian.gov.cn/plus/view.php?aid=23276
The latest milestone of Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd-- Relocation office building and production base2021-04-08
Shenzhen GEM LED Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd-Relocation Notice2021-04-08
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