GEM-Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice in 2021

Release time:2021-09-18 | Click:1660次

Dear customers,

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Shenzhen Jinghongda Optoelectronic Engineering Technology Co., LTD. Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy family!

In order to better implement our services, the holiday time of 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival is announced as follows:

In September 2021, there will be __3__ days from _18_ to __21_.

Start working on September 22__.

During this time, we will suspend human business operations and support. In order to ensure that your business will not be affected during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, please make arrangements in advance. If you have any questions, please call our service number: 400-600-8862.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival again! Happy family!

Shenzhen Jinghongda Photoelectric Engineering Technology Co., LTD. telephone: 13682409086. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival again!