GEM-Completed succeed of audio and video integrated system

Release time:2021-04-08 | Click:1790次

Intelligent audio and video integrated system realizes the seamless connection of sound, light and color systems, including sound reinforcement system, stage lighting system and video display system. The system structure adopted is advanced because of it’s upper and lower expansion.

      The integrated combination of products is highly intelligent, with high technology content and high standard design requirements, which is convenient for system management and use, and can keep the system in the advanced field for a long time. The whole system can reflect the development level of today's conference technology. It can meet the requirements of practical work to the maximum extent; it is easy to operate, simple to maintain and efficient in management. Suitable for a variety of meetings, performances, reporting occasions.

The main functions of the intelligent multi-functional conference system are as follows:

1. Use text, picture data, audio and video materials, physical data, etc. to do the demonstration.

2. You can switch audio and video sources as will.

3. High quality audio restoration to ensure voice quality.

4. Full color LED display system for large screen display.

5. Integrated system for centralized control and management.